Technical Services

Technical Services

To build, refit or repair a yacht is an extensive, expensive and complex process. Dolphin Team Yachting and its associated companies are experienced in construction projects ranging from marina design to refit management. The company represents the interests of the owner and captain, a service which allows the captain and crew to take leave or concentrate on other responsibilities.
In collaboration with a large number of boatyards and repair shops, the company can provide unique services of the highest standards.  Should extensive repairs or refits be required, complete technical support for a single yacht or a fleet of yachts is available.

The company services include but are not limited to:

  • Dry Docking
  • Repairs for Engine/ Deck/Bridge/ Hotel & Accommodation
  • Underwater Services (inspection and repairs)
  • Technical Advisory Services and Surveys Such As:
    1. Study, cross-checking and consultation regarding construction and outfitting specifications.
    2. Consultation on all technical matters concerning the vessel.
    3. Attending sail and motor trials.
    4. Surveys of the structure, engine and fittings, Valuations
    5. Surveys for purchase, insurance, repair, refit and overall condition.
    6. Reports for damage, the process of a major repair, refit or construction.
    7. Non-destructive testing of vessel and engine.
    8. Diagnosis for osmosis or G.R.P. deterioration.
    9. Arrangement, planning and supervision for re-floating vessels.

A careful selected team of staff and external associates cover the field to its widest extent with specialists including naval architects, marine engineers, yacht consultants, electrical engineers, industrial designers in marine transportation and yacht masters and operators.

Dolphin Team Yachting can fully cover all technical aspects, schedule all inspections, modifications or surveys and any work which is required to maintain the high cruising standards of the yacht and to guarantee a seaworthy vessel and a trouble-free operation.